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Pre Pregnancy

Health and vitality during pregnancy depends largely upon women taking proactive steps towards wellness before the pregnancy.  This could mean taking a pregnancy nutritional supplement as well as addressing issues with diet, exercise, stress and fatigue.  Modern lifestyle may have influenced the alignment of your spine and pelvis so a physical check up is highly recommended, especially for those women who have put up with back pain & niggles for years.

“In every work the beginning is the most important part, especially in dealing with anything young and tender.”                                                                    - Socrates

When regarding pregnancy and childbirth, current research is suggesting that modern lifestyle is having a significant affect on the female body as we see high levels of intervention during pregnancy, at birth, and in newborn babies. 

This service area of our practice aims to provide both a preventative and an intervention service, and therefore we can offer support to women at multiple levels of their pregnancy journey.

  1. View Pregnancy and Chiropractic: a narrative review of the literature

  2. The information to follow is an introduction to the support available during & after pregnancy.  We recommend you contact us to receive personalised advice.

Supporting Pain Free Pregnancy

Low back pain, sciatica and abdominal & pelvic discomforts can be common complaints during pregnancy, and while some discomfort is to be expected, poor maternal musculoskeletal health may also be a contributor.  That is, changes in weight gain & distribution, combined with lifestyle, can aggravate pre-existing conditions.  Hands on treatment, combined with advice & exercises, can be effective not just for pain, but also in preparation for an active labour.

Labour Preparation

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and you may be told that your baby is BREECH (head up), POSTERIOR (head down but facing your abdomen), TRANSVERSE (shoulder or back down, lying sideways across your abdomen), or OVERDUE (past 40 weeks).  Hands on treatment combined with lifestyle changes can be an effective way to encourage your baby to either turn into an anterior position (head down), or begin to descend into the pelvis.

Newborn Check Up

Birth experiences are varied & most babies will benefit from a checkup.  In particular, births involving induction, prolonged labour, emergency caesarean or instrument delivery may be at risk of undiagnosed minor birth trauma, in which parents are left with an apparently healthy but unhappy child.  Babies respond very fast to gentle hands on treatment, and this may go on to positively influence feeding, sleeping and settledness.

Excessive Crying

There is nothing more distressing for parents than a baby who cries excessively, as this often goes on to negatively affect feeding, sleeping and bonding.  Every baby has their own story to tell and therefore there is no one quick fix solution.  Some common symptoms include; disliking lying on their back or having their nappy changed; waking up screaming; feeding problems including latching, sucking, positioning, persistent choking, or repetitive vomiting after feeding.

We believe that, although common, excessive crying is not normal, and CAN be resolved quickly by applying a problem solving approach involving parents, combined with gentle hands on therapy to help release tension or physical restrictions in the baby.....

Supporting Full Recovery for Mum

Pregnancy, labour and birth is a major event in a women’s life, both physically & emotionally, with some literature suggesting that it can take up to 1 year to fully recover.  Furthermore, all births are different and it may be that a women has also experienced some trauma.  It is therefore important that women also look after their own health post pregnancy.  Hands on therapy combined with exercises and lifestyle advice can have a positive affect for both mother and baby.

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Modern Lifestyle Risks

Babies needs have not changed that much over time, but parents needs have, and modern conveniences are not always optimal for newborn development.  For example, excessive time spent sleeping in car seats can restrict movement in the sacrum, and increase tension in the neck  & shoulders, as well as alter head shape. To feed and sleep well, babies need to be free of tension.  Gentle hands on therapy can help to release tension in the baby.

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