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Neck Pain

The most common cause of neck pain is due to muscular tightness in either the neck or upper back.  This can be caused by physical or emotional stress, prolonged postures during undesirable sleeping positions, or minor injuries & falls including whiplash.  Neck pain may come from any of the structures in the neck including: vascular, nerve, airway, digestive, and musculature / skeletal, or be referred from other areas of the body.  Correct diagnosis is required to ensure manual therapy provided is effective and safe.

Back Pain

The most common cause of back pain is an injury to a muscle (strain) or a ligament (sprain) which may have occurred due to improper lifting, excess body weight, or poor posture.   Other reasons for pain may be age related,  an irritated nerve, or a herniated disc.  Less common causes may by be due to compression of the spine, infection, tumor, fracture or organ pain.  Severe back pain can literally leave people flat on their backs, unable to move.  Correct diagnosis is required to ensure manual therapy provided is effective and safe.


Most headaches are considered primary in that they are not associated with any other diseases and may range from single event migraines, tension headaches, or frequent cluster headaches.  Secondary headaches are caused by other diseases which may be major in origin such as tumors, stroke, meningitis and hemorrhage, or minor such as withdrawal from caffeine or some medications.  Headaches have the ability to distort a persons reality in that mood and concentration is significantly affected for prolonged periods.  Manual therapy is effective.

“Pain is whatever the experiencing person says it is, existing whenever and wherever the person says it does.”                                                 

- Margo McCaffery; registered nurse and pioneer in the field of pain management nursing

Pain is essentially a survival instinct and we have become conditioned to use pain to tell us about the status of our health.  This conditioning is largely emotional and is based on our previous experiences of pain, and therefore we have the ability to adapt to pain and trauma so that we keep going, and our bodies will oblige with that adaptation.  The most common adaptation would be to over use other parts of the body, which although may lesson pain, tends to create new susceptibilities until such time that the conditions are right for a new injury to occur. 

Pain is often described in terms of being acute (sudden and often severe), or chronic (ongoing with varying levels of intensity).  Pain is common after sustaining an injury, but can also occur for seemingly no reason at all.  Either way, pain has the ability to significantly interfere with a person’s quality of life and general functioning, and for some people, pain has become a normal part of everyday functioning.

This service area of our practice aims to provide hands on physical support to help individuals heal completely, as well as providing education on how to avoid pain and injury in the future. 

We are experienced and qualified to identify and diagnosis your source of pain so that referral, or selected manual therapy treatment provided is appropriate and effective.

  1. The information to follow is an introduction to the support available for adults with pain and/or injury. We recommend you contact us to receive personalised advice.

Injuries - Work - Home - Sport - Recreation

In New Zealand we are fortunate that personal injuries are recognised & subsidised under a national health scheme through Accident Compensation Cooperation (ACC). 

Mechanically speaking, when you have a soft tissue injury that involves any tearing or disruption to the nerve endings in a muscle or a joint, the actual rate of your healing from an injury is highly dependent on how completely those nerve endings can re-grow back into the tissue around the joint or ligament that has been injured.  The basic process of tissue regeneration might occur over about 12 weeks, but many ligament injuries actually take about 11 months to fully heal.

So there will be times when you will be in pain where actually that ligament is healing quite well and then there will be times when it is aggravated and painful and it is not healing well at all.  Therefore it is very hard for individuals to judge objectively, and instead should rely on a qualified health professional to accurately assess the true situation.  Thankfully, ACC have extensively researched best practice and this is reflected in the amount of treatments they offer for an injury, which can be used within a 1-year period.  This truly is an amazing opportunity for people to fully recover from injury.  Manual therapy combined with exercise therapy is effective.

Maintaining Optimum Posture

Current lifestyle may not be ideal for the promotion of healthy posture with increased time spent sitting (often incorrectly) using technology.  Poor posture can subject the spine to abnormal stress, which in time can lead to structural changes in the spine, including degeneration of discs & joints, lengthening or shortening of the supportive ligaments and muscles, and wear and tear of cartilage.  All of these changes can lead to back and neck pain.  Manual treatment combined with exercise therapy is effective in promoting and maintaining posture.

Supporting Sport Performance

Chiropractic has a long association in the preventative treatment of sports people, with some high profile advocates; Tiger Woods,  Arnold Schwazenegger & Evander Holyfield, to name a few.  Least recognised are the benefits for ALL people involved in sport, that is, it is possible to have a mechanical dysfunction without being aware of any clinical symptoms.  In this instance, people will be more prone to injury when applying extra effort, and therefore will struggle to perform to their maximum capacity.  Manual therapy treatment is an effective way to lesson injury.

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